[How to make chicken in pot]_ Chicken _ How to make _ How to make

[How to make chicken in pot]_ Chicken _ How to make _ How to make

Chicken giblets are the internal organs of chicken, including many parts of the chicken body. The chicken fish has a heavier smell, so the dry pot chicken smell is too heavy, which will suppress the chicken smell.

The method of making chicken in the pot at home is still relatively simple. Adding garlic in the pot can also remove the odor of chicken.


The chicken gizzards and chicken hearts are cleaned, and a flower knife is set aside. Boil water, then add a slice of ginger, a few peppercorns, put some cooking wine in the water after boiling, then add the chicken gizzards to blanch, remove the flavor, and remove the color.

Shred the onions and place them on the bottom.

Keep a small portion for future use.

Green and red peppers are cut into small pieces, and celery is cut into pieces. When ready, put the base oil in the pot. I use rapeseed oil, stir-fry the onion, ginger, garlic, stir-fry, add a few onions, and fry.

Put a tablespoon of watercress sauce and stir fry evenly.

Put a spoonful of rice wine, you can also use sugar to neutralize the taste, add green red pepper, and finally add celery, stir well, then add a little chicken flour, drizzle a little sesame oil, and bring it out of the pan.


Wash the chicken, drain the water, cut the celery into small pieces, slice the carrots, cut the red and green peppers into small dices, and cut the ginger and green onions into small pieces.

Add oil to the hot pot, stir-fry the ginger and spring onion, stir-fry the chicken, add water, stir-fry, add cooking wine, sugar, base, water, stew, add another pot, heat, add oil, add celery, stir-fry the carrots to 5, Add celery and carrots to the chicken pan, stir-fry, season, and collect the juice.


Pick up the chicken chop, wash the salt and starch, mix well, and then clean it. Chicken liver, chicken gizzards are cut into fascia slices, and the heart is cut and washed. Add cooking wine, soy sauce, ginger, starch.
Ginger chopped, washed with green and red peppers, cut into small pieces, hot onion, hot water for one minute to remove the cuts, hot pan with cold oil, 80% chicken heat, stir fry for about 2 minutes, hot pan cool70% oil and oil heat. The peppercorn grains and spicy skin will burst into spicy flavor, add green and red peppers, stir fry the ginger, stir the red oil with garlic chili sauce, stir fry the chicken, add the onionStir fry evenly, add the lowest salt, and stir fry evenly.

Add cumin powder, chicken essence, and pepper. Stir-fry evenly. Then, use a hot pot or cook with an electric cooker or alcohol stove.