[Man, please carry a woman’s thigh]

[Man, please carry a woman’s thigh]

Among the three “magnetic fields” of a woman’s body, breast-rich buttocks have always been the subject of heavy strokes, but the thighs can only be retired. Perhaps the sexual ideograms of the thighs are strong, and people have taboos instead of obscure pens.There is not much ink, but the thigh is the most visually striking part of a woman’s sexy part.

Speaking of women’s thighs, the author Tong Du Yan Xiaosi cannot but say that the Chinese people’s aesthetic consciousness is a bit delayed. From ancient times to the present, the appreciation of women’s thighs has been blurred, and even avoided without talking. The reason is likely to beBecause Chinese clothing restricts the expression of thighs, or the wrapped legs of Chinese women cause the thighs to be deficient, so we rarely see verses describing women’s thighs in poems, and only make some understatements in some “enchanting books”.
For example, there are “white legs” in the golden book “Ping Ping Mei” represented by the East in China?

Description, and in the western book represented by the British “Mrs. Chatale’s Lover” there is a description of “successful ivory thighs”; and in painting, the Chinese are far from resisting the WesternersWang Yang caressed.

The Spanish painter Goya expresses his lust in his portraits freely. On the picture of “Nude Maha”, “Ivory shines elegant and noble thighs”, while most Chinese painters focus on expressing the beauty of ladies’ clothing.Gorgeous and full-faced colorful, such as the painting of Wang Shu Palace’s Prostitute by the artist Tang Bohu.

The expressions of the East and the West are also different. In the West, Spanish girls use dance to interpret the vocabulary of the thighs. When they raise their skirts and pose, they are “red flags half rolled out of the door”, warm and unrestrained, showing their thighs.Charm, especially ballet, is simply the art of thighs. In Eastern China, do women use cheongsam to interpret the meaning of thighs?

At first glance, the robe corner was “a small boat propped out of the willow yin”, restrained and subtle, without losing style.


[How to eat raw sea cucumber]_ How to eat _ How to eat

[How to eat raw sea cucumber]_ How to eat _ How to eat

The nutritional value of sea cucumbers is very high, and sea cucumbers are usually eaten a lot. However, when most people eat sea cucumbers, they eat the sea cucumbers after cooking them.Eating raw sea cucumbers is one of the highest realms of eating sea cucumbers. However, raw sea cucumbers are very particular when making them. The following describes how to eat sea cucumbers raw.

The first method of eating sea cucumber raw: Put the whole live sea cucumber into boiled rice noodles, scoop it out quickly, rinse it with water, cut open the residue, remove the sea cucumber internal organs, and clean it with water.Add rice water for a second pass, add sea cucumber to boil, steam over low heat for about four or five minutes, remove the drained water, and you can directly cook the dishes.

Precautions: ① It needs to be boiled in rice water to soften the quality of the sea cucumber, but also to eliminate the fishy smell of the sea cucumber.

② After the live sea cucumbers are boiled, they should gradually cool themselves when they are fished, and then change to a knife.

③ The live sea cucumbers processed by this method are generally suitable for cold dishes (such as cooking techniques such as mixing, simmering, drunken etc.). The representative dishes are cold sea cucumbers, braised sea cucumbers, drunk sea cucumbers, etc.

④ The advantage of this method is that it is easy to process and easy to master the heat. The disadvantage is that the taste of live sea cucumber is relatively single, and you must pay attention to it when seasoning.

The second method: Whisk the egg white, sugar, and beat for a few minutes. Then, wash it with water, put it in a pressure cooker, add broth, star anise, spring onion, and ginger, boil and heat for about 10 minutes.

Take out the live sea cucumber and soak it in hot alkaline water for about 4 hours, and then remove it. Rinse the alkaline water with clean water, then put it in pure water and refrigerate in the refrigerator for about 5 hours. Remove the sea cucumber and remove the internal organs.Remove and reshape.

Note: ① The live sea cucumber processed in this way has always been used to make hot dishes. Generally, techniques such as roasting, frying, and boiling are used. The representative dishes are: live onion sea cucumber, braised live sea cucumber and so on.

② Mastering the length of time that live sea cucumbers are heated in a pressure cooker is the key to the success of this method.

③ The live sea cucumber processed by this method should be processed and cooked immediately. Do not place the processed live sea cucumber attached to it, otherwise the live sea cucumber is prone to dehydration and decay, causing waste.

[Medicine to accelerate enzymes]_Medicine to reduce enzymes_How to use medicines_How to use medicines

[Medicine to accelerate enzymes]_Medicine to reduce enzymes_How to use medicines_How to use medicines

The disease with high transaminase can only be known after checking. If the index is too high, it must be treated with related drugs, otherwise it will cause more abnormal reactions in your body.Enzyme-accelerated drugs are those that have a liver-protective effect, because only drugs that do not harm the liver can make people’s detoxification systems better.

How to treat high aminotransferases needs to be determined according to the cause, and different causes cause different treatments.

The presence of high transaminase in patients with liver disease generally means that the patient’s condition has deteriorated. In this period, patients must go to a professional hospital for a comprehensive examination in a timely manner.

Patients with elevated aminotransferases should pay attention to other series of indicators of liver function, as well as comprehensive examinations such as B-ultrasound, two-and-a-half examination of hepatitis B, and alpha-fetoprotein examination.

There are many types of liver-protecting and enzyme-lowering drugs, but there are few really effective liver-protecting and enzyme-lowering drugs. In the course of treatment, they must not be replaced. You must really find the cause of the increase in transaminase. For this reason, you can obtainBetter results.

In the course of treatment and medication, patients should observe the following three principles: 1.

Choose the correct and effective liver-protecting and enzyme-lowering drugs to treat transaminase elevation caused by various causes. The effective drugs are mainly Chinese medicine and its active ingredients. Generally, it is selected to contain chemical components such as Schisandrin, glycyrrhizic acid, oleanolic acid, and silymarin.Drug.

As long as patients use enzyme-lowering drugs correctly, transaminase can be effectively controlled.


The course of treatment must be guaranteed.

After the enzyme-lowering drug restores the transaminase to normal, the dosage of the enzyme-lowering drug should be gradually reduced, and the drug should not be stopped suddenly.

The course of treatment with enzyme-lowering drugs should be more than one year, and even liver function should be maintained at the lowest level of consolidation treatment.


While protecting the liver and lowering enzymes, it is necessary to take “root cure” measures for the cause.

In short, if we want to solve the problem that transaminases are always high, we must understand the reasons and apply the right medicines before they can be effective.

Patients with high transaminase can eat more fungal foods, such as fungus, shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms, etc. in their diet to improve immunity.

You should also eat more high-protein foods to promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells.

Schisandra major materials can effectively reduce transaminase, can remove free radicals, promote the regeneration of liver cells, accelerate the decomposition of harmful substances in the body (alcohol, chemicals, toxic heavy metals, etc.), reduce the body’s absorption of them, and thus damage chemical liverSexual protection is very good.

[How to fry rice cakes]_How to fry_How to fry

[How to fry rice cakes]_How to fry_How to fry

There are many ways to make rice cakes. Among them, fried rice cakes are very delicious, and rice cakes are relatively easy to cook. Therefore, you must pay attention to the time when frying rice cakes. Spread a layer of oil on the bottom of the pot and put the rice cakes in the pot.Fry until the surface is golden, and then you can cook it. Add some ingredients you like, the taste will be more sweet and the production process is more alternative, but you must pay attention to safety. Here’s how to fry the rice cake?

Ingredients 2 rice cakes, pepper amount, method / steps, prepare two rice cakes, pepper and sauce. If you use chili, you can use the grated hot sauce directly. If it is a sweet noodle sauce, it is recommended to add the above water and white sugar in the pot.I used a stone mill to heat up the chili sauce pan, put in an appropriate amount of oil, and put the rice cakes in the pan when the oil temperature is 40%. Fry over low heat until the rice cakes are slightly yellow.Spread the rice cakes for a while so that the rice cakes will not be very hard. The rice cakes will be slightly yellow on both sides. Fry them with chopsticks. One layer will suffice. Dip the rice cakes with the sauce. You can also sprinkle some pepper directly.White rice cakes in crispy rice 120g Red rice cakes 120g Corn flour Amount of white sesame Amount of black sesame Amount of salad oil Amount of method / step Cut red rice cake and white rice cake into thin slices.

Then change the knife into small pieces and soak in water for a while.

This is a little trick to make the rice cakes cooked quickly without frying them.

Wash a mouthful of non-stick pan and pour in an appropriate amount of salad oil.

Also prepare the right amount of corn flour and black and white sesame seeds.

Take a piece of rice cake, drain the water slightly, put one side in the corn flour and cover it with cornmeal, then use the other side with sesame.

Red rice cakes are stained with white sesame, while white rice cakes are stained with black sesame.

Extract the rice cakes one by one and spread them evenly in a pan.

First fry the side with sesame seeds. From the side of the rice cake, you can see that the color of the rice cake has become transparent under the rice cake.

Continue to fry the side with the cornmeal, wait until the side of this side can see the color of the bottom of the rice cake has become more transparent, then you can turn off the fire.

Spread a piece of oil-shaped paper on the bottom of the plate, and place the rice cakes in order.

A good-looking and delicious sesame fried rice cake is ready.

Note: Rice cakes are easier to cook.

Therefore, when the rice cakes are fried, etc., the oil should be turned to a low to low heat state after the oil is heated.

White collar how to ease work fatigue 6 tips

White collar how to ease work fatigue 6 tips

Yawning, the brain is overworked, the oxygen supply is insufficient, people often have head swelling, and the thinking is declining. If you open your mouth and yawn, it is equivalent to taking a deep breath, which helps to promote the reactivation of brain cells, and then yawn and then give the head.Massage, the effect will be better.

Deep breathing is the best way to relax yourself. It includes everything from simple deep breathing, yoga, to meditation.

Deep breathing can fully promote the exchange of oxygen between the human body and the outside world, and can also slow down the heart rate and lower blood pressure.

When you feel tired after applying the wet towel to the brain, wrap the towel in cold water (hot water in winter) and wring it on the cerebellum (separate the occipital bone). At the same time, it can be applied at the same time or alternately. The towel is repeatedly immersed in water.Every 3 minutes or so.

Can refresh the brain, improve the ability of thinking and thinking, and have a certain complication effect on dizziness caused by high blood pressure.

When you have a chest fracture, you should take a deep breath, then lift your chest, then exhale and bend forward and bend 10 to 20 times, doing 2-3 times a day.

It can both suspend the neck muscles and enhance lung capacity.

Amino acid beverage anti-fatigue amino acid beverage contains eight kinds of essential amino acids, which can replace the toxic substances in the human body with the amino acids in vitro, which can replace the radiation and pollution caused by pollution; eliminate the body’s metabolic products in the body and promote the body.The recovery of muscles, spirits, etc., helps the body to improve physical fitness; pure natural formula, no need to worry about the body and spirit of stimulation.

The ability to reduce fatigue and decompression. During the lunch break, meditation for ten minutes of meditation is a kind of spiritual self-discipline that consciously stops all external activities and reaches the realm of forgetting.

Find a quiet place, enter the state of meditation, slow down the muscles, cells and blood circulation of the whole body, and the whole body will be greatly relaxed.

Eye care refers to the pressure method of binocular light closing, use the middle finger to extend the upper eyelid upwards, and then do it 3 times, then use the middle finger to press the lower eye socket down 3 times.

After the completion, use the middle finger of the left and right hands, press from the left and right outer corners of the eye to the temple, press the temples to the ear again, repeat 3-4 times.

Finally close your eyes and press the middle finger for 10 seconds.

This is how you feel that the fatigue of your eyes can be eliminated immediately.

The above is the way white-collar workers can alleviate work fatigue. I hope that it can help white-collar workers, the body is not tired, and work is easy.

Natural whitening and freckle tips to regain white and flawless skin

Natural whitening and freckle tips to regain white and flawless skin


Eat a healthy and clean detox food. A naturally clean diet can provide hundreds of millions of vegetative cells.

All cells need high-quality protein, and they must be licked with prawn fat. Experiments have found that coarse grains, nuts, seeds and olive oil are rich in such substances.


Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, clean water to help flush out excess toxins.

It is best to replace plastic from glass bottles every day, which is one of the best ways to detoxify your body naturally.

Soda, alcohol, black tea and coffee are not a substitute for water.


Eat more foods that eliminate dietary fiber to ensure that the toxins are not built into your system. These foods include large amounts of fresh vegetables, raw fruits, beans, whole grains and other nutrient-rich high-fiber foods.


Exercise and stress every day Your body often exercises to help you detoxify naturally.

At least one and a half hours of daily exercise and expansion, improve blood circulation, burn transfer stores stored in trace amounts of cellular toxins, and help you excrete toxic residues through sweat.


Sweat and perspiration eliminate waste. Except for daily physical activity, saunas and hot tubs can use diarrhea or sea salt to induce sweating and eliminate toxins and heavy metals.


Stimulating your skin with a natural detoxifying massage can boost your lymphatic system and your body naturally detoxifies.

Increase the elimination of toxins after drinking water.

Dry brushing the skin can also improve blood circulation before bathing, stimulating the body to detoxify naturally.


Reduce toxins entering your body can eat organic foods, avoid food additives, high glycemic index foods, bad, stimulants, pharmaceuticals and environmentally friendly chemicals.

Enchanted Phoenix is shocked by the beauty of nature

Enchanted Phoenix is shocked by the beauty of nature

More than a decade ago, in a small bookstore, I swelled from the book “Border Town”, which produced a strong impulse to see the Phoenix.

It was not until more than ten days ago that the itinerary was determined, and the data was frequently searched online.

The homework has been done well and naturally achieved good results.

  I am an extremely selfish person. When I am selfish, I prefer to be alone and not share it with everyone.

This may be related to the occupation of our army. A team leader, a group leader, brought a group of friends who were just familiar with it, and who had just dissolved their likes and dislikes to disband. They can’t leave their depression and unhappiness on their bodies.With a spirit of laughter, jump up and down before and after.

  I have thought about the above text for nearly a week, but when I was still in Phoenix, when I was still working as a full companion, my body was still sleepwalking, and my thoughts had already rioted.

The small town we visited was amazingly beautiful. The people who realized my spiritual numbness received great comfort. The songs on the Lijiang River, the translucent waters of the Lijiang River, and the layout of the Xiaojiang River were not only good-looking, but also nourish the soul.

To think about it, Shen Congwen was boating back to his hometown in the colder season. He also sat in the bow like this, listening to the dialogue between men and women on the shore of the ship, listening to his fellow villagers complaining about the weather, he was aloof, and wrote someSealed the love letter, painted a few sketches and freehand, made a worldly phonograph, but when the vulgar voice became his text, it became immortal.

  I chewed a slightly twisted ginger candy. Yushu was wrapped in a life jacket, and I also sat in the bow. The Adidas backpack belt, the guide lanyard and the lanyard of the point-and-shoot camera tied me in a crisscross pattern.Chest, the little girl with me around me, occasionally raised the microphone and pointed at the building on the shore. I said, I reached out and touched the beautiful bodies. I wanted to abandon the ship and want to embrace the elegance of the season.The river, the river is as clear as a pot of newly reorganized tea, but it can’t be drunk, which means that it needs to be brought back to the bed to bring it back to the house, and when it is quiet in the night, it is fine.

  The so-called slings are the same as in the same year, and Slate Street is said to be as flexible as it is.

The ancient city is too small to reach the edge in seven or eight minutes.

Beyond the edge is a new area that can enter the radial direction. Stone Street can only be extended to the riverside, and the final resonance is coordinated with the beautiful rivers.

The students in the old city are out of school, and the stone street at 17:30 attracts people. The children are surrounded by rice noodles. They almost have a bowl and eat while walking. I wonder, this big bowl is covered with a layer of red pepper.Eat cold salad, they have an appetite for dinner?

  The phoenix’s eating is very characteristic of Xiangxi.

It’s not too spicy, so it’s sour that it won’t make you pour your teeth. It’s the chef’s hand shaking when he puts salt.

In the evening, the barbecue in the new town, the food stalls are brilliant, catching up with the Liuzhou star-barbecue string in the past, but it is cheap, a dime, a brittle bone, a butter (fat beef), pork; or in the firePut a pan on it, pour some oil, half-fried and half-baked to get some glutinous acid, wild mushrooms or green vegetables, etc., so that my drink is greatly increased, greeting the boss to hurry on the beer.

The locals seem to drink a lot of beer. The arrival of autumn makes them feel very different about my request for special frozen beer. They like to drink the sweet rice wine of the local. It is really sweet, and it is no different from cold sugar water, but it must beBe careful, the so-called drunk, drunk you, there is no warning!

When I was eating dinner, I respected the rice wine of five tables. The two pots were hot and dry, and I started to be a bit of rhetoric. The gasping kung fu tilted the guests of the same group and saw several ladies who did not drink and laughed.I know what I’m talking about, and I quickly lowered my head and went back to my seat to eat and drink soup.

  Unfortunately, I can’t sing.

There is no room for resonance, the mountains and mountains are too tight, my voice is always caught by some irrelevant ears, and then I give back more irrelevant voices or sneers.

I simply silenced, inserting a yellow flag representing the slow-moving meaning in the traffic law, swaying behind the big team, sloshing silently; seeing a few left-behind flies in front of the ginger candy stall, I have to go up and drive, mostlyAt that time, the drive was invalid, let him go.

Fortunately, the phoenix is small, it is lost or not worried, relax and relax, both self-centered and sorrowful.

  Going back to the back, it is still a small boat on the river. My Yushu stroking the body of the soft boneless river, and suddenly found that the XX set that was abandoned was fighting with our small boat.

Three health recipes for spring appetizer and spleen

Three health recipes for spring appetizer and spleen

The spleen and stomach is the “source of post-weather blood biochemistry”. The spleen and stomach are not good. The things that you eat can’t be digested and absorbed by the body. The nutrients needed by the body can’t be replenished. The things you eat will become “fire” and “wet heat”., “痰”, etc., induce various gastrointestinal diseases.

In the spring, you can choose the following three kinds of appetizing spleen and health porridge to help regulate your body.

  1, Sanqi yam porridge materials: 3 grams of 5 grams, raw yam 60 grams, 60 grams of previous rice, ghee amount; practice: rice water as usual porridge.

After the yam is peeled, paste it with ghee, stir it, mash it with a spoon, mix it in the porridge, and serve it as soon as possible.

  Efficacy: spleen and lungs, benefit Qi.

Applicable to Shenpi fatigue, dry mouth and throat, loss of appetite, weak waist and knees, large easy to knot or diarrhea and constipation alternately, or both heart sputum spontaneous sweating, or dizziness, tinnitus, or limb numbness, or blurred vision.

The tongue has a scalloped or dull tongue, white or dry moss, and the veins are weak and weak.

  2, Huaishan porridge materials: fresh Huaishan 150g, rice 100g, salt amount.

  Practice: Fresh Huaishan uses a steel wire to rub the outer skin under the faucet.

Wash the kiwi in Huaishan, wash the rice and pour the appropriate amount of water into the corrugated pot.

Join the Huaishan grain in the small fire.

When the porridge is smashed, put a proper amount of salt to taste.

  3, porridge porridge material: 30 grams of medlar, 50 grams of previous rice.

  Practice: Two things are cooked into porridge, eaten sooner or later.

  Efficacy: It has the function of strengthening the spleen and tonifying the kidney and eliminating proteinuria.

  Tips: You can also eat some black color foods in spring, such as black beans, black sesame seeds, black rice and so on.

What is the relationship between Qigong and Chinese medicine?

What is the relationship between Qigong and Chinese medicine?

Qigong is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine.

In the pre-existing medical classics of the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics, which was written more than 2,000 years ago, the methods, theories and therapeutic effects of Qigong exercise are recorded.

In the eighty-eight month of Su Wen, there are several articles that directly or indirectly focus on qigong.

It can be seen that Qigong has become an important medical care method before the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.

  From the history of the development of Chinese medicine, the millennial medical doctors attach great importance to Qigong.

At the same time, there are qigong at the same time, and many famous doctors are also qigong practitioners.

For example, Zhang Zhongjing, a famous doctor in the Han Dynasty, said in his book “The Golden Lack of Essentials”: “The limbs are severely stagnation, that is, guiding spitting, acupuncture and moxibustion, and not letting the nine sputum occlusion.”

The “guided spitting” mentioned here is a method of Qigong.

The famous “Five Birds Play” is said to have been created by the famous doctor Hua Tuo of the Han Dynasty. It has been passed down to today and is still loved by Qigong lovers.

Later, in the Jin Dynasty, Ge Hong wrote “Bao Puzi”, Tao Hongjing of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, “The Endowment of the Fertility”, the “The Origin of the Diseases” by the Chaoyuan Fang of the Sui Dynasty, and the “Preparing for the Needs” by Sun SizhenWang Shuo’s “The Secret of the Outer Taiwan”, the “Shengji General Record” of the Song Dynasty and the writings of the four members of the Jin and Yuan Dynasties all have differences in Qigong.

In the “Essence of Eight Classics” written by Li Shizhen, a famous medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, he pointed out: “The inner tunnel, but the returning viewer can inspect it.”

This means that the body’s meridian changes can be perceived during the practice of a certain static work.

The famous warming scholars Ye Tianshi and Wu Yutong in the Qing Dynasty both practiced and replaced Qigong.

In the book “Medical Hearts in the West” written by Zhang Xichun, a famous doctor in modern times, there is also a chapter devoted to Qigong, and he points out that the medical practitioner should participate in meditation.

From the above-mentioned famous doctors and the relationship between qigong and qigong, we can know the long history of qigong health and the important part of qigong in traditional Chinese medicine.

  As a branch of traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine in theory. It also applies yin and yang, five elements, organs, meridians, and spirits in the creation of exercises and qigong exercises; the effect on Qigong exercise.And the understanding of the mechanism of qigong and, in the end, mainly responded to the theory of Chinese medicine.

Of course, since ancient times, Qigong practice has not only been unique to medical doctors, but Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Wu have formed their own understandings of Qigong in their respective different practices, and they also form part of Qigong theory.

  The results of Qigong practice also provide new content for Chinese medicine. For example, the Ming Dynasty medical scientists Li Shizhen and Zhang Jingyue explained the system of Qijing Bamai and Dantian Mingmen theory respectively, which is largely based on the practice of Qigong.Up.

The use of ideas by Qigong experts is a supplement and development of Chinese medicine theory and emotional theory.

He has mastered the characteristics of Qigong’s practice of mind and body, and has an in-depth understanding of the holistic view of “the combination of the god and the human being” and the “harmony between man and nature”, and the discussion of the mechanism of qigong is also beneficial to the “gasification theory” of Chinese medicine.In-depth understanding of the theory of Qishen and the correlation of visceral psychology.

Excavation and qigong and drug combination application, traditional treatment methods such as Qigong acupuncture and Qigong massage can also improve clinical efficacy and open up new therapeutic approaches.

An effective way to improve sleep

An effective way to improve sleep

With the accelerated pace of life, insomnia has become a problem for many women.

According to statistics, nearly 70% of women do not sleep well, as well as breast pain, dysmenorrhea and headache symptoms, insomnia has become an epidemic of modern women.

How to have a good quality of sleep, sleep well every day?

Try an effective way to improve your sleep every day.


hzh {display: none; }  一、睡得好不好都写在脸上  只要有一两天睡不着,就会令女人失去神采,皮肤缺乏光泽,变得晦暗。After a few months of sleep, the growth hormone of the woman will be less than that of the normal person, and the skin will start to thin. Not only will the pigmentation, melanin and other problems occur, but the sebaceous glands that secrete the oil will become less and the skin will come.The more dry, the rougher.

Some women will cause hair thinning and hair loss.

If there is a lack of adequate sleep for more than half a year, then the woman’s entire hormone secretion will be confused, aggravating the formation of acne and acne, and the spirit is wilting, disease occurs, and aging is advanced.

  Modern women often yawn in their daily lives. In fact, their lives are not easy.

Work is an employee; life is a wife, a mother, or a caregiver of an elderly parent.

When the lights are turned off, the pressure on all of these roles is not eliminated.

Long-term insomnia has cost them a lot.

Because of overall sleep, it is more depressed, energy is not good, and it is easier to get angry.

  Studies have shown that a woman’s sleep time needs to be twice as high as a man.

We must not only ensure adequate sleep time, but also ensure a good quality of sleep, so that after the body gets enough rest and recovery, the skin care can also play a big role, can slow down the speed of aging.

  Second, the four major puzzles of insomnia.

Lifestyle: Allow caffeinated beverages, smoke and drink before going to bed, irregular bedtime or work shifts, all affect sleep.


Environmental factors: sound, light, smell, bed is too soft or too hard, indoor temperature is too high or too low, mosquitoes, flies or cockroaches bites, etc., will interfere with sleep.


Physiological factors: More than half of patients with chronic insomnia are primary sleep disorders, including difficulty breathing during sleep and intermittent muscle twitching.

There are also physiological characteristics such as women’s menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, etc. Usually normal sexual life or sexual life disharmony and imperfection will lead to long-term insomnia in women.


Psychological factors: Insomnia is associated with many potential psychological factors.

Emotion is an important factor reflecting mental health, while at the same time affecting a person’s quality of life.

Such as nervousness, depression and emotional frustration, work stress, etc. can cause insomnia.

  Third, adjust the sleep six methods.

Developing good habits Sleeping in considerable expansion is a habit, thus maintaining good physical habits, following the natural laws of sleep, is the best way to prevent sleep disorders.

Everyday from 10pm to 6am is the best time to sleep.

Middle-aged and elderly people who do not have enough sleep time, advocate nap for half an hour to supplement the lack of sleep at night.


Adapting to a sleeping environment should have a suitable environment for sleeping, mainly a quiet bedroom and comfortable bedding.

Ventilation is an important condition in the bedroom because fresh air is more important than anything else.

Regardless of the temperature above and below, you should open the window before going to bed.

Choose a comfortable bed, usually with a soft and hard brown trampoline or cork board plus pedals.

Pillows should be moderately soft and hard, and try to be warm in winter and cool in summer.

  3.To have a correct sleep posture is generally called to the right, slightly bent legs, the body is naturally relaxed, one hand bends the elbow before the pillow, one hand naturally placed on the thigh.


Psychological suggestion sleep is also the natural reaction of the human body. If you are sleepy, you want to sleep. Don’t control it artificially.

The more you don’t think about it, the more you think about it, and you should adopt a natural attitude.

If every day thinks that “it is also insomnia today”, “maybe you still can’t sleep well”, it has become a heart disease, and soon become a true insomniac.

If the reverse implies that “it is a good night to sleep sweetly”, the effect will be different.


Using the time of sensation to exercise Many insomniacs always feel that they don’t have enough sleep at night, and they have to make up for it when they have time.

The correct way should be to participate in outdoor physical activities, do more walks, climb stairs, skip ropes, wash clothes, mopping the floor and other simple boring physical activities, feel tired, go to bed.


Eight kinds of foods make your dreams combine with your own situation. If insomniacs eat a little hypnotic food during normal times or before going to bed, it is easier to fall asleep.

  Fourth, help sleep life Tips 1 temperature should be appropriate: open air conditioning to 20 ° C on it, not too low, cool in the morning, you can turn off the air conditioning.

  2 brushing your face and washing your body: brushing your teeth before going to bed is more important than the morning. It can completely remove the accumulated teeth and help protect your teeth. The mouth feels refreshed. People will feel relaxed when they sleep, and it will help to calm down and sleep. After watching TV,Wash your face and wipe your body to protect your skin from cleanliness and make your sleep comfortable and relaxing.

  3 combing hair: the ancient doctors have discovered the gap between the acupuncture points on the head. Through combing, it can be massaged and stimulated. It can calm the liver, extinguish the wind, open the sacred spirit, and relieve pain and eyesight.

In the morning and evening, use your hands and fingers to comb the scalp redness and fever, which can clear the blood flow to the head, improve brain thinking and memory, promote hair root nutrition, protect hair, reduce hair loss, eliminate brain fatigue, and fall asleep.

  4 Prepare before going to bed: Take a walk after dinner at night, let yourself feel tired, you will feel easy to fall asleep; take a hot bath before going to bed, so that your hands and feet are warm, but also help sleep.

As the saying goes, “Pot hot feet before going to bed, win the sleeping pills.” If you can develop warm water before going to bed every day (the water temperature is kept at 40?

50 ° C) foot washing, massage the foot and toes, can extend the role of accelerated blood and blood, Shujin active, yin and yang restore balance.

  5 harmonious sex life: a harmonious sex life will make the mood comfortable, after a slight fatigue, naturally there will be a good sleep state, which helps sleep.