[Pregnant woman with colds and colds]_Pregnancy_How to eat

[Pregnant woman with colds and colds]_Pregnancy_How to eat

The main cause of colds and colds is the effects of colds and colds. Some of the reasons for colds, colds and quilts that are not covered when sleeping, are affected by colds, and so on.

During pregnancy, pregnant women have relatively poor physical immunity and are more susceptible to wind chills, which can easily lead to colds and colds.

Because it is pregnant, some medicines cannot be taken to avoid adverse effects on the growth and development of the fetus. When there is a cold or cold, the most important thing is to prevent cold and keep warm, so you can drink it in daily lifeSome ginger soup sweats, which can help relieve the cold and help the treatment effect. In addition, ginger shredded carrot soup is also a good choice.

One, onion ginger soup.

Ingredients: 3 green onions, 3 slices of ginger, 10 grams of brown sugar.

Practice: 1. Ginger and brown sugar water are mixed with 1 and a half bowls of water, and fry over half a bowl over low heat.

2. Add onion and fry for a while.

Tips: Pregnant mothers can drink this bowl of onion and ginger soup while it is hot.

Second, ginger shredded soup.

Ingredients: 25 grams of ginger, 50 grams of radish, brown sugar.

Method: 1. Slice the radish, add 500 ml of water, and cook the radish and ginger for 15 minutes. 2. Add the right amount of brown sugar and drink while hot.

Third, scallion tofu soup.

Materials: 3 green onions, 12 grams of light tofu, 2 small pieces of tofu.

Method: 1. Fry the tofu in the pot to a light yellow, then add the light bean curd.

2. Use water and a bowl and a half, fry to a large bowl, and then add green onions.

Tips: The pregnant mother has a cold. You can drink this bowl of spring onion and tofu soup while you are still hot, and then pay attention to keep warm to relieve the cold.

Fourth, Yuba white porridge.

Materials: 50 grams of rice, 10 grams of yuba.

Method: Put rice and yuba into the pot at the same time, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook into a porridge.

Fifth, winter melon barley porridge.

Materials: 500 grams of winter melon, 20 grams of raw indica rice, 50 grams of rice.

Practice: 1. Process the melon into small pieces.

2. Add winter melon, barley, and rice to the pot at the same time, add the right amount of water to make porridge.

If the taste is too light, you can also add some salt at the end to taste.

What are the symptoms of a cold and cold in pregnant women? The cold and cold are very acute. The body is hot, chills and cold, and sometimes it will fight chills and not sweat, but it has symptoms of nasal congestion, runny nose, and cough., Headache, sore body, loss of appetite, normal stool, thin white tongue coating, etc.

A cold cold is caused by the evil external attack of wind cold and loss of lung qi.

Symptoms can be seen: severe chills, mild fever, no sweat, headache, body pain, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough and thin sputum, thirst or thirst for hot drinks, thin white fur.

The specific symptoms are as follows: 1, strong back brain pain, that is, back head pain, and the neck is not flexible.

2, afraid of the cold and the wind, usually you need to wear a lot of clothes or cover a quilt to feel more comfortable.

3. The snot is clear, white or slightly yellow.

If the stuffy nose doesn’t runny, drink hot water and start to runny. This is also a cold and cold.

4, no moss or thin white moss on the tongue.

Pregnant women with colds and colds should be based on Xin Wenjie table.

Often extracted from ephedra, nepeta, windproof, thresh leaf and other antipyretic powder.

For taking Chinese patent medicine, you can use cold-clearing heat granules, Zhengchaihuyin granules, cold-soft capsules, Chuanxiong tea powder, Tongxuanlifei pills, and so on.

After taking the medicine, you can drink some hot porridge or hot soup and sweat slightly to help dispel the cold.

If you have a cold for more than one week, or if you have a cold with fatigue, poor food, low or high fever, cough, sputum, and palpitations, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

[Can one year old baby eat mung beans-]_ Children_Can I eat

[Can one year old baby eat mung beans?

】 _Children_ Can you eat

Mung beans are very familiar to many people. Mung beans contain a lot of nutrients and a variety of trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids. Regular consumption can supplement the body’s nutrients and phosphorus, and one-year-old babies need it during growth.More nutritional ingredients can be appropriate for children to eat some mung beans. One-year-old babies often eat mung beans can improve body resistance, clear heat and detoxify.

Can one year old baby eat mung beans?

Babies can eat mung beans.

Mung beans are rich in nutrients such as high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids, recombinants, inorganic salts, vitamins, etc. Baby mung beans can supplement nutrients and strengthen the body.

Mung beans are rich in protein. Baby eating mung beans can supplement high-quality protein, improve the body’s immunity, and increase resistance.

Mung beans are rich in phosphorus. Baby eating mung beans can supplement phosphorus, promote nerve excitement, maintain vitality, and increase appetite.

Mung beans are rich in calcium. If your baby eats mung beans, they can add calcium and promote the healthy development of bones.

Mung beans contain niacin. Baby can eat mung beans to supplement niacin and promote the healthy development of the brain and nervous system.

Babies eat mung beans to clear heat and detoxify to avoid getting angry.

Mung beans are rich in precipitated fibers and potassium. Baby eating mung beans can moisturize the stomach, promote gastrointestinal digestion, help detoxify and urinate, and also promote eyesight, which is conducive to a good vision.

Mung beans are rich in protease inhibitors.

If baby eats mung beans, he can also add trace protease inhibitors to reduce protein breakdown, maintain protein, and protect the health of the kidneys.

However, mung beans are cold. If it is cold, babies with weak stomachs and diarrhea should not eat mung beans, or do not eat mung beans.

Can babies drink mung bean soup for a baby with a cold and fever? Choking mung bean soup does not affect the recovery of normal conditions. It is recommended that children who drink more water cough. This situation needs to rule out the possibility of bronchitis or pneumonia.

1. The child is currently poorly treated with drugs, and oral anti-inflammatory drugs are recommended to observe the effect.

2. If the drug has been taken orally for more than 3-5 days, there is no obvious effect. It is still necessary to consider intravenous infusion therapy. The treatment principles are anti-inflammatory, cough, and expectorant.

3, to feed more water, family members are more likely to turn around to help sputum.

If you have a cold heart disease, you need to have a strong physique and a certain number of ways to recuperate.

Usually try to drink ginger tea method, replace the tea with ginger and brown sugar with appropriate amount of water, which can effectively prevent colds, which can help improve the body’s disease resistance, use hot water every night (the temperature should be so hot that it can’t stand it)Soak your feet for 15 minutes. Pay attention to the amount of water when you soak your feet. The feet should be red after soaking. It can also prevent colds.

Also exercise your body frequently, and the bedroom should be ventilated frequently.

This situation is more common in colds or viral infections. After self-conditioning and drug conditioning, it is recommended to control and recover. You can take roxithromycin for anti-inflammatory. The diet should be light. Pay attention to maintain a certain humidity in the room.

Roxithromycin has a stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, so try to take it after meals.

[The practice of Northeast farmhouse stew]_Homesteady practice of Northeast farmhouse stew

[The practice of Northeast farmhouse stew]_ The common practice of Northeast farmhouse stew _ The practice of Northeast farmhouse stew _ How to make the Northeast farmhouse stew

Nowadays, life and work are busy and stressful. Many people do not pay attention to the regularity in diet, which will cause various diseases. Mastering the healthy practices of one or two dishes, you can not only enjoy the deliciousness, but also supplement the body’s nutrition.Better health.

Let ‘s learn to make Northeast farm stew with Xiaobian.

Pumpkin (in fact, we all call it zucchini) cut the hob block, sweet potato is also a hob block, do not need to break the beans.

Because this dish is stewed for a long time, you don’t need to scramble the beans, and you don’t need to worry about being cooked.


Cut pork belly into thinner slices 3.

Cut the garlic and slicing it into minced garlic. Ginger can be cut into a few pieces.

Boil the oil in the pot to 70% oil temperature. You don’t need too much oil because pork belly will scoop up oil5.

Add minced garlic and ginger 6.

Add pork belly and stir fry simply.

Add the beans first, the beans will be cooked slowly, so you have to fry the beans until it is slightly broken.

Add sweet potatoes and pumpkin and continue to fry 9.

You can add water to stew until it is a little softer, and don’t use too much water (I think I put in a bit more, so it is a bit out of shape in the end) 10.

Cover the shell and simmer for almost 20 minutes.

Finally, add about two tablespoons of salt (this amount is based on the amount of vegetables) and leave the pot.

The taste is pretty good.

If you want to cook well, it is not particularly difficult, but you still need to be careful.

According to the above steps, first prepare the ingredients and seasonings, and then start to make this Northeast farm stew

[How to quickly enhance male sexual ability]_Sexual ability_Men_How to enhance_Enhancement methods

[How to quickly enhance male sexual ability]_Sexual ability_Men_How to enhance_Enhancement methods

Men’s performance in sexual life has a great impact on personal self-esteem, etc. If there is a situation such as premature ejaculation, they will make them feel particularly shameless.

In fact, it is precisely because of this thinking that many men often try to improve sexual performance.

Today, Xiaobian will recommend several useful and effective measures in detail, let’s take a look.

1. Moderate massage.

Lower abdomen friction: Before going to bed, put one hand on the lower abdomen of the pubic bone below the umbilical, and the other hand on the waist, and then hold the waist while rubbing with your hand from right to left in the lower abdomen to consciouslyAbdominal warmth is in degrees.

Thigh Root Massage: Before going to bed, place your hands on the base of a pair of thighs and gently massage the palms diagonally 36 times. You can massage once a week, which has a certain effect on enhancing sexual desire and power consumption.

2, eat more chives.

Leek is an auxiliary food therapy for kidney deficiency and impotence, nocturnal emission and dream ejaculation. It has good curative effects on male penile erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Patients eat leek every day, or grind leek seeds, take 15 grams each morning and evening, and bring them with boiling water.

Because eating chives can cause stomach attacks in some people, you need to pay attention, if the taste of chives in the mouth is too heavy, you can chew tea to counteract.

3, penis shiatsu method to strengthen sexual ability.

Repeatedly pinch your penis with your fingers.

This enhances the activation of penile nerves and blood vessels.

This is how people repeatedly rubbing their hands or fists in the cold can improve the blood circulation of the fingers and make the fingers red and warm.

Repeatedly grasping the penis with your hand can cause an erect penis.

Erectile penis is not necessary to continue massage.

Massage in bed sooner or later.

For example, as a part of sexual foreplay before intercourse, it will help to establish a friendly and positive environment.

After reading the content prepared by the editor, I believe that every male friend has learned how many ways to improve sexual abilities, so when there is a sexual relationship in the future, you can try it in accordance with the above method, and generally it will have an effect.

In addition, the editor reminds men not to take aphrodisiac at random, so as not to cause adverse effects.

[Baby Prawn Porridge Practice Guide]_Children_How to do

[Baby Prawn Porridge Practice Guide]_Children_How to do

The nutritional value of shrimp is very rich, soft and easy to digest. If it is done well, it can become QQ bombs. Many babies do not like shrimp, because the taste of shrimp is relatively new, it may not be good for the stomach of young children, soParents will be very distressed and do n’t know how to cook for their babies. In fact, everyone can learn this way to ensure delicious and delicious, and the method is very simple.

Nutritional practice of baby shrimp porridge: Spinach and shrimp porridge Ingredients: rice, spinach, shrimp, carrot, water, salt, cooking wine, pepper, starch, sesame oilLine, rub with salt and starch, wash and dry, cut into small pieces, add wine and pepper to taste.

2. Wash the spinach, blanch it with boiling water, stir it with cold water, cut it into small pieces after controlling the moisture.

Carrots are peeled and diced.

3. After boiling the rice in cold water, add carrots and simmer for about 30 minutes.

Add shrimp and cook over medium heat for 2-3 minutes.

4. Add spinach, stir well and cook for 1 minute.

Just drop a little sesame oil before serving.

Nutritional practice of baby shrimp porridge: shrimp porridge and cabbage porridge Ingredients: rice, shrimp, cabbage, salt, ginger slices Practice: 1. Soak the rice for several hours in advance, drip oil on it.

2. Remove shrimp line and wash it.

Sprinkle some salt and marinate with ginger slices.

3. Select the leaves of pakchoi, wash and chop the leaves.

4. You can use a rice cooker to make porridge. When the rice is ready to be cooked, put the leaves first, and then the shrimp.

Add salt, stir well, and then eat for a while.

Nutritional practice of baby shrimp porridge: Green bean shrimp porridge Ingredients: fresh shrimp, green beans, rice, salt, pepper Practice: 1, fresh shrimp cooked, peeled, washed with water, rinsed with water, then washed with water, Green beans also boiled with boiling water.

2. Put the shrimps in the soup pot with the right amount of cold water. After boiling on the high heat, pour the washed rice and cook on low heat for about 50 minutes. When the shrimps are soft, cook the natto beans for another 10 minutes, add salt and pepper.Season the powder, cook slightly, stir well and serve.

[Infusion of various tea leaves]_Infusion method_How to infusion

[Infusion of various tea leaves]_Infusion method_How to infusion

Tea is an indispensable drink and ingredient in life. After using tea to soak water, it can bring very good supplements to the body, and the method of soaking varies greatly depending on the type of tea.

Therefore, it is necessary for people to have some understanding of the brewing methods of various teas, and to correct the various tea drinks properly.

Let ‘s take a look at how to make various tea leaves.

I hope you can understand it.

First, the common green tea brewing methods of green tea are Xihu Longjing, Biluochun, Xinyang Maojian, etc. This type of tea is generally relatively tender, not suitable for boiling hot water, the general brewing temperature is 80?
Between 85 and 85 ° C, the tea-to-water ratio is generally 1:50 (that is, one gram of green tea corresponds to 50ml of water), and the brewing time is two to three minutes.

The tea brewed by the correct brewing method is green and translucent.

The brewing of green tea usually replaces the glass, so that not only will not suffocate the tea leaves, but you can also enjoy the green tea floating in the water.

Oolong tea brewing method two, Oolong tea brewing method Oolong tea belongs to semi-fermented tea, the common ones are Tieguanyin and Dahongpao.

For brewing oolong tea, a professional purple sand pot or a lid bowl is usually used, and it must be brewed with boiling water for 100 seconds. The amount of tea (the ratio of tea to water) for oolong tea is also relatively large. Generally, the amount of tea can account for half the capacity of the container used.the above.
The brewing time of oolong tea is generally about 2-5 minutes.

The third method of brewing yellow tea is yellow fermented tea. Common types of yellow tea include Mengding yellow buds, Junshan silver needles, and Laoshan Maojian.

Similar to green tea, the brewing temperature of yellow tea is preferably between 85-90 ° C.

For brewing yellow tea, add a quarter of the yellow tea leaves according to the capacity of the tea set, and you can also increase or decrease according to your own taste.

Yellow tea is brewed in a glass or porcelain cup, especially the glass cup of Junshan silver needle is the best. You can enjoy the tea-like shoots breaking through the earth, slowly rising and falling, piled green and green, and have the wonderful spectacle of “three rises and three falls”.

The best brewing time for brewing the yellow tea is 30 seconds, the second bubble is extended to 60 seconds, and the third bubble is extended to about 2 minutes. The taste of the tea soup is better.

[How to cook iced dumplings?

】 _How to cook_How to cook

[How to cook iced dumplings?
】 _How to cook_How to cook

Dumplings are an indispensable ingredient in our daily life, especially in the north. When the holidays are celebrated, I believe that dumplings will be the main food.

Many kinds of quick-frozen dumplings are now sold in supermarkets, which can be convenient for those who have not had time to cook after cooking.

However, frozen dumplings can easily peel if they are not cooked.

So, how to cook iced dumplings?

Tips for not making frozen dumplings 1, soak in cold water-boil at 40 ° C. Take the frozen dumplings out and put them in a bowl of cold water for a short period of 1-2 minutes (don’t soak them for a long time).Don’t boil, you can boil the dumplings just cooked at about 40 degrees.

Boil until the water is boiled, the dumplings are all floating, and they are ready to eat.

The original principle: Due to the large amount of moisture in the dumpling skin, the frozen dumplings are in direct contact with the boiling water, and the cold and hot collide. It is prone to the phenomenon that the dumplings are not cooked yet, and the dumplings have been boiled.

Frozen dumplings are first added to cold water and soaked in order to allow the dumpling skin to absorb a certain amount of moisture first, and have a preliminary thawing effect, so that the dumplings gradually adapt to the process from cold to hot.

In this way, when the temperature of the water in the pot is about 40 degrees, dumping the dumplings into the pot not only avoids the collision of hot and cold, but also because the dumpling skin absorbs moisture, so that the cracking of frozen dumplings will not occur.

2. Don’t open the boiling water pot and don’t wait for the water to boil.

Fresh dumplings that you just wrapped at home, be sure to wait for the water to boil before you boil it, and then use a spoon to push the dumplings apart (note that the spoon must always be close to the bottom of the pot when you push it, use a convex surface to push waterIt must be kept in a slightly boiling state, not too open, otherwise the dumplings will be boiled and broken), which will cause the protein in the dumpling skin to quickly solidify and form, starch will be crushed in water, and the dumplings will not stick together. It is convenient to stir with a spoon.The cooked dumplings are better.

For quick-frozen dumplings, it is recommended to put small dumplings in the cooking pot (not large bubbles in the pan, about 40 degrees), and put the dumplings one by one, and gently push the dumplings to prevent the dumplings from sticking to the pan.

Quick-frozen dumplings are easily peeled when cooked over high heat in boiling water.

3. Add salt to salt water, and then add dumplings to cook, which can increase the boiling point of water. Salt can make the flour tough, slow down the rate of starch gelatinization, increase the resistance of the dumpling skin to prevent the tension from causing the dumpling skin to crack,Make the dumplings more resistant to cooking and not easy to peel.

Don’t wait for the dumplings to cook before adding salt.

4, put a little oil in the water, and then put dumplings, which can add a layer of protective film to the skin of the dumplings, has a lubricating effect to ensure that the dumplings no longer stick together.

5. Don’t cover the pot for too long. About the cooking of dumplings, the general saying is “covering the pot and filling the stuffing, cooking the dumplings without the cover is more time-saving and gas-saving, but you can’t cover the pot for too long to prevent peeling.

[How to make stewed stew]_ 侉 Stewed stew’s common practice _ 侉 Stewed stew’s practice Daquan _ How stew stew’s stew

[How to make stewed stew]_ 侉 Stewed stew’s common practice _ 侉 Stewed stew’s practice Daquan _ How stew stew’s stew

For everyone, when they are old, they will marry and have children, and then they will face several visits by relatives and friends.

Relatives and friends come home to visit, decent meals are naturally essential.

If you ca n’t do it, is it too big?

Well, now Xiaobian will teach you how to make stewed stew.


1. Wash the chopped pieces, add pepper, ginger slices, salt, cooking wine and marinate for more than an hour 2.

2 the main ingredient Daguai (carp) 3.

skinned pork cuts, tofu cuts.


21 After the pork is soaked in water, the foam is washed away.


Put a little oil in the pan, add the aniseed meat, and stir-fry the onion and ginger.


Add cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, and salt to the pressure cooker and simmer for 20 minutes.


Fry the marinated fish pieces into the pan until golden brown.


Put in tofu.


Add stewed pork and broth.


After stewing over high heat, stew the fish on low heat for about 40 minutes.


Just dry the soup.

Take a look at the finished product. There are all kinds of Chinese cuisines, so you ca n’t finish eating, and you ca n’t say enough. The small braised stew stew introduced by Xiaobian is very suitable for you to try at home.

[How to help pregnant woman maximize her abstinence period]

[How to help pregnant woman maximize her “abstinence period”]

Many times it is easy for a husband to ignore sexual communication during a wife’s pregnancy.

Too many women report that when they are behind, their hearts are shrouded in the desire and joy of being a mother, life is drawn away by another force, and the husband is no longer the focus of their lives when they are no longer in a two-person world.

One day, you are happy, and when you are ready to be a mother with joy, the doctor tells you that you ca n’t have sex with your husband while driving.

This is actually just a common sense health protection measure, but after many wives have happened around us, we have encountered stories of derailed husbands.

The husband’s reason is usually: he was derailed only for sex, and he still loves his wife.

It’s hard for women to accept, why is he doing this?

Just for each month, does he need a relationship with another woman to replace the “sexual vacuum” that appeared during your period?

It is because of the children that the oxygen that cultivates “sex” is evacuated!

No matter what, many couples will become pregnant, and after the wife, the relationship will encounter a red light.

During this extraordinary period, if you walk smoothly, your relationship will be more harmonious and beautiful; if you cannot walk smoothly, your family will be injured.


[What are the types of condoms]_ condoms _ varieties _ types

[What are the types of condoms]_ condoms _ varieties _ types

The correct purchase of condoms can help us achieve the best contraceptive effect. Therefore, when we buy condoms, we need to pay attention to the type of condoms. From the surface processing of condom body filmThere are granular and threaded types.

1. The product classification of condoms is not clearly defined. Generally speaking, according to the nominal length of condoms, they can be divided into large, medium and small.

A condom with a nominal width of 55 mm is equivalent to a cutting-edge Φ35 or large condom.

A condom with a nominal width of 52 mm is equivalent to Φ33, a medium-sized condom.

A condom with a nominal width of 49 mm is equivalent to Φ31, a small condom.

If a coaxial condom is used, it will easily slip out in the vagina, causing semen leakage and failure of contraception.

If the condom is too small, it will not only make the erection maintain, but also easily cause the condom to rupture and cause unexpected pregnancy.

Therefore, when choosing a condom, you should choose a product that is nominally suitable for you.

2, the shape of the condom is one, can be divided

Ordinary type (smooth or flat type): there are stored seminal vesicles at the top, and the body is smooth; B.

Tips swell; C.

Compact type: body composition in condoms 1?
From the surface processing of the condom body film, the four narrow sections are divided into granular type and thread type.

Granular type is divided into large and small particles.

Ribbed type is also called ring type.

This processed condom can more or less stimulate the vaginal wall and improve the quality of sexual life.

These two types of condoms are often referred to as shaped condoms.

3. Fragrant condoms.

In the spring, this is a condom with various flavors introduced since the early 1990s.

The types of spices added are rose type and osmanthus type.

4. Drug-type condoms.

This is due to the addition of nonyl alcohol ether spermicides, anti-inflammatory drugs, sexual excitement retarders, erection aids, etc., which are called double-safety, drug-type and delayed-type condoms, which are collectively referred to as drug-type contraception.Medicine set.
5, according to the different packaging materials, divided into paperback and hardcover condoms.

Simple condoms are packaged with plastic film, which has poor sealing and light-shielding properties; hardcover condoms are packaged with double-sided or single-sided aluminum foil, which is ideal for avoiding light-shielding and sealing properties.

6. These are the types of condoms commonly found in the market. Men should choose suitable condoms to use according to their specific conditions and preferences.