[Dry Bird’s Nest Practice]_Dry Bird’s Nest_How to Do_Home Practice

[Dry Bird’s Nest Practice]_Dry Bird’s Nest_How to Do_Home Practice

The existence of dried bird’s nest is for the convenience of storage, soak it before eating. For dried bird’s nest, it is generally stewed with rock sugar.nutrient content.

The practice of white and rock sugar bird’s nest 1) The weight of the bird’s nest is measured on a scale. Adults should eat 3-5 grams of bird’s nest each time.

2) Soak the dried bird’s nest with pure water for 4-8 hours, and put it in a natural ventilation place, pay attention to observe the swelling degree of the bird’s nest.

3) After the bird’s nest has swelled softly, use a small camera to gently clamp the floating young bird’s hair.

4) After picking the hair, filter and wash it once or twice with pure water.

5) After cleaning, carefully tear the bird’s nest into thin strips according to the texture, and try to crush the bird’s head with your fingers.

6) Pour the processed bird’s nest into a stew pot, and add pure water to soak the bird’s nest. A slightly higher amount of water is better.

7) Cover it, put it in a steamer, and simmer for 2 hours under mild heat. The surface will show a small amount of foam, a little boiling, stickiness and egg white flavor.