[Can you eat puffed food during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can you eat puffed food during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Impact

There are many dietary contraindications after pregnancy. The dietary safety of pregnant women is inseparable from the health of their sex.

Many pregnant friends around me prefer to eat puffed food before pregnancy. Can I still eat puffed food after pregnancy?

Because puffed foods contain preservatives, pigments, and other substances, it is not good for the body to eat them often, so it is recommended that pregnant women try not to eat puffed foods during pregnancy.

Foods that should not be eaten during pregnancy: Spices and spicy: 8-anise, cinnamon, 5 fragrant powder and other hot spices: Spices are the magic weapon for many mothers in cooking and cooking. The scent smell can cause appetite during pregnancy.

However, the hot fragrance is irritating and easily causes dryness and constipation.

It is recommended that pregnant mommy occasionally adjust her appetite, but do not eat more.

Mustard, chili, pepper, pepper, curry and other spicy foods: Mom seems particularly fond of hot and sour things after pregnancy.

However, for the baby in the belly, the mother who likes spicy food must have some convergence.

Eating too much will irritate the stomach and intestines, especially severe ones may have miscarriages, premature birth, if the kidneys are poor, or the blood pressure is too high, you should pay more attention to 啰.

Beverage coffee: Whether it is wake up in the morning, work to relieve fatigue, or afternoon tea leisure, coffee is favored by many people.

However, pregnant mothers need to be aware that caffeine in coffee is an invisible “killer” that harms the health of the fetus. It is easy to cause miscarriage or premature birth, and it may also cause cell mutation and deformity.

So pregnant mommy try not to drink.

Black tea: Black tea almost contains caffeine that is not good for the baby. It also contains a large amount of residual acid, which is difficult to be absorbed in combination with iron. If the pregnant mother has too much local strong tea, it may cause iron deficiency anemia and leave the baby.Remains of congenital iron deficiency anemia.

Pregnant mothers who like to drink tea do not prevent them from drinking light green tea an hour after a meal, which is conducive to strengthening heart and kidney function, promoting blood circulation and preventing pregnancy edema.

But green tea also contains acid, so don’t overdo it.

Cola-type beverages: Know that this beverage also contains caffeine, so pregnant mothers should drink less.

Alcohol and alcoholic beverages: Everyone knows the harmful effects of alcohol, of course, it is undoubtedly harmful to pregnant mothers and their babies.

Alcohol enters the baby’s bloodstream through the placenta, causing miscarriage and premature birth, and will also cause the baby’s congenital abnormalities. Mothers who like to drink should exercise restraint.

Of course, in addition to white wine, rice wine, beer, red wine, including glutinous rice wine and various alcoholic beverages, mothers should not take it lightly.