[Can a 1-year-old baby eat mangosteen]_Age-year-old baby_Can I eat

[Can a 1-year-old baby eat mangosteen]_Age-year-old baby_Can I eat

Many treasure mothers start to add complementary foods around the baby’s abdomen to prepare for weaning.

Some treasure mothers will mainly teach the baby to the babysitter because they want to go to work so that the baby can absorb the nutrition in a balanced way. Some treasure mothers will prepare recipes for the baby for the babysitter to eat.

For the health of babies, moms must understand what can and cannot be eaten at each age of the baby. Let’s find out if a 1-year-old baby can eat mangosteen?

First, can babies eat mangosteen?

1, mangosteen nutrition baby can eat mangosteen, mangosteen metabolizes protein and a small amount, can provide nutrition and energy for the human body, has a good conditioning effect on the human body.

The mangosteen also contains a large amount of carbohydrates and citric acid, which has the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire, and quenching thirst, especially after eating durian which is easy to get rid of fire.

2, moderate consumption of mangosteen is a cool fruit, although one-year-old baby can eat, but must eat less, mangosteen contains cellulose, eat more easily lead to constipation.

The baby’s stomach is relatively fragile. If you eat too much cold food, it will easily cause diarrhea and cause great damage to your baby’s stomach.

A one-year-old baby should eat more nutritious, digestible paste-like foods soon after weaning, and eat some mild fruits.

3, suitable for eating Baoma can usually give the baby early-warm fruits, such as apples, apples are also rich in vitamins and minerals, etc., have the role of lungs, laxative, can solve the baby’s indigestion and constipation on the fireTwo big problems.

However, it is not advisable to eat too much fruit for the baby.

Second, the following 4 kinds of fruits should not be eaten within the age of 1 to avoid harm to the baby.

1. Durian durian is hot, can promote blood circulation and dispel cold, strengthen spleen and invigorate qi, strengthen immunity, target the accumulation of fiber, and help laxative to prevent constipation.

However, do not eat it for babies under 1 year old. Durian can easily cause respiratory allergies, such as bronchial allergies, throat allergies, allergies, cough, dyspnea and other symptoms.

Eating durian during a cold will aggravate the condition.

2, watermelon watermelon is cold, soft, soft, sweet and delicious.

Many babies like to eat, but babies under one year old should be careful when eating watermelon, it is best not to eat it.

If your baby eats too much watermelon, it may lead to a decrease in gastric juice and reduce your baby’s digestive ability.

Its coldness and coldness also easily cause baby diarrhea. It is advisable to eat watermelon after 1 year old.

3. Mango Mango is known as the “King of Tropical Fruits”. It is a fruit with high nutritional value. It transforms sugar, vitamin A and protein, and has a delicate and sweet taste. The special aroma of mango is also loved by many babies.

However, mango is hot, and eating more can easily cause non-infectious stomatitis (“hot” in Chinese medicine).

Mango also contains allergens. It is easy to be allergic to eating mango too early. It is best not to eat it for babies under 1 year old. After full age, you can only try it in small amounts before eating.

4, pineapple pineapple is flat, sweet and sour, astringent, and slightly cold. It has the effect of relieving heat and quenching thirst, and dampness. Because pineapple contains a substance called protease, it can also help protein digestion.

However, this enzyme has a decomposing effect on the body protein itself, which may damage the epithelial tissue, and pineapple also has an irritating effect on the oral mucosa, causing oral paralysis.

Babies under the age of 1 are fragile and prone to discomfort. Babies with allergies can cause allergies if they consume pineapple.

It can be tried in small amounts after 1 year of age. Whether it is for babies or adults, soak the pulp with salt water for half an hour before eating to eliminate irritating substances.