[Few people know the secret in men’s underwear]

[Few people know the secret in men’s underwear]

Men’s underwear, as their underwear, is just as sexy and seductive as women’s underwear.

On this basis, men’s underwear can also reveal his sexual desire, including his “sexual age.”

When it comes to age, people’s habitual thinking is to think about the age of the person, and very few people can think of sexual age.

Human nature is an instinct inherent in nature, and different ages of human beings are different, but few people can see through, so people will associate underwear with sexual age.

Look at the cleanliness of his underwear. The sexual age of a man cannot be seen by his appearance. However, you can judge his sexual age by looking at the cleanliness of the underwear he wears.

Regardless of the style and quality of his underwear, it must be clean.

Uncleanness can easily breed bacteria, cause diseases, and affect male reproductive ability.

It is conceivable that his sexual age is still in the stage of a little boy, and he thinks that the underwear is only for shame.

If you want him to give you the sex you expect, it’s completely impossible.